Chimney Repair Service: How to Maintain Your Chimney

Don’t Neglect Your Chimney!

As long as there’s a visible column of smoke coming from the chimney, it is easy to ignore the need for a regular chimney repair service for inspection and cleaning. When your wood burner is used as a heat source for an extended period, creosote and soot will surely be formed in some amount on the inner walls of the chimney. The worst-case scenario for wood burners is when those deposits build up to the point that they finally catch fire and cause a flue fire. This can happen if the area isn’t thoroughly cleaned. How to maintain your chimney is as follows:

Waterproof the chimney.

Moisture may seep through brick and masonry. The structure of the chimney may be seriously damaged by the water’s freezing and thawing cycles during the winter. By having your chimney waterproofed once a year, you may prevent this, for example. Applying a waterproof sealer to the stones will prevent leaks from causing water damage.

Invest in a chimney cap.

If your property doesn’t already have a chimney cap, you may add one to protect your chimney from harm and lower the possibility of a chimney fire. By acting as an umbrella, the chimney cap keeps snow and rain from falling into the chimney. It also has netting across the sides to prevent animals, leaves, and yard trash from blocking the chimney.

Place the damper at the proper location.

The airflow into and out of the chimney is controlled by the damper, which is a hinged flap or vent. The fireplace should be closed when it’s not in use to prevent heat from escaping from your house and to prevent outside air from entering. When burning, keep the fireplace door open to allow smoke to escape and fresh air to feed the flames.

Keep the space clear around the fireplace.

Keep rugs, chairs, and other furniture at least three feet away from the fireplace. A fireplace with a screen around it still has a chance of having stray sparks escape and ignite any furniture or other combustible objects that are within 36 inches of the hearth.

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