Beyond Our Chimney Repair Service: We Can Also Assist You with Chimney Restorations!

Using a fireplace not only keeps you warm but also brings a cozy and warm feeling to your living space. It’s a perfect spot for family bonding and catching up with friends. It’s also great for hosting parties or just hanging out together. The sight of flickering flames dancing on the hearth is mesmerizing. But like other things, your chimney needs some maintenance as well. Regular sweeping will keep your chimney functional and safe to use, while professional restoration will improve its appearance and condition when it comes extensively damaged. Don’t worry since you can always count on Licon Chimneys for high-quality chimney restoration services at a budget-friendly cost. We’ve become known for our reliable chimney repair service in Spokane, WA, but we also assist property owners with the chimney restoration process.

Why You Should Restore Your Chimney When Needed

Your fireplace’s performance can be determined by the condition of your chimney. If it has large sections of cracks, damaged flue tiles and/or liners, or spalling problems, it can allow moisture to enter and cause significant water damage not just to your chimney but also to your fireplace and other surrounding structures. These issues can be repaired but, if they’ve become too complicated to fix, your best option is to have your entire chimney restored by our experts. This way, you can bring back the durability and aesthetic appeal of your chimney and ensure that it will withstand even the harshest elements.

Our Team Uses Effective Methods

Here at Licon Chimneys, we use tried-and-tested techniques when it comes to chimney restoration. These methods allow us to improve the structural integrity of your chimney and extend its lifespan. We also use specialized tools and equipment that make our job easier, which means that we can restore chimneys in a safe, fast, and efficient way. As a result, we can provide our customers with exceptional chimney restoration services and give them great value for money.

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