Turn to Our Quality Chimney Service for a Well-Built Chimney

If you’re thinking about having a new house constructed on your property, you may want to consider building the new structure with a chimney. Instead of chipping away at the rock and soil to create a foundation for your new home, you can leave that task to professionals and have a sturdy fireplace at the same time. The construction of a chimney is also an excellent project for someone who wants to add unique architectural details to their home. If you’re planning to build a chimney, make sure to hire chimney service providers like Licon Chimneys. We can construct a new chimney on your property in Spokane, WA using tried and tested methods.

Opt for Our Assistance

Constructing a new chimney requires expertise and experience. You’ll need to know the building codes so you can make sure that the structure will be stable and safe to use. Without knowing the right techniques, you could end up with a chimney that’s not safe to use or unstable. It can lead to accidents and even fires, especially if you don’t have the appropriate equipment for the job. So, it would be ideal to hire professionals like us because we are experts in the field and we are properly trained to ensure your chimney will be constructed correctly.

We Can Construct a Chimney Impeccably

Our chimney construction service follows step-by-step procedures to ensure that the process proceeds without any issues. We’ll prepare top-quality materials, including quality masonry material so that the chimney will be sturdy and stable. Our experts will use the right tools for the task as well. Rest assured that the new chimney that will be constructed will be safe to use even after the construction process is over as we will also install a firebox and a smoke chamber. To get the chimney you want, you know who to call.

Licon Chimneys is the chimney service provider you can count on to construct a new chimney for you. Do you want a new chimney constructed on your property in Spokane, WA? There’s no need to hesitate. Give us a call at (509) 535-0240.