Effects of a Bad Chimney Sweep!

Hazy Life  

Many people don’t think about their chimneys until they need a professional chimney sweep service. So it’s easy to overlook when your chimney is in good or bad condition. If you ignore your chimney, it can get worse, especially if it’s blocked with debris. If a clog develops, it will eventually become too large to remove, resulting in damage to your chimney.

Smoky Flue

If you’re having trouble lighting your fire, your chimney might be the culprit. If you’re trying to burn something and the entire house is filled with smoke, your chimney can be the culprit. Smoky fires are more common in winter when you tend to use fireplaces more often. Make sure to clean your chimney once a year, in addition to keeping it clear of soot and other debris, to prevent this from happening.

Poor-Air Flow

If you have poor-air flow in your home, you’re not alone. In fact, about one in six homes in America has poor air circulation. In order for the room to stay comfortable, you need to have good air circulation. Your chimney cleaning can help you with air circulation. We can open up the room and make sure that the air is flowing properly. This can be done using a system installed by our chimney sweep specialists.

Exterior Chimney

If you have an exterior chimney, it may need cleaning more frequently than interior chimneys, depending on how often you use it. The exterior chimney is more exposed to debris and elements, so it should be checked more often. If you’re not exactly sure when you last had your chimney cleaned and maintained, ask your chimney sweeps for help. We can inspect your chimney and determine if it needs cleaning, repair, or replacement. We can also go over safety protocols with you and help you avoid common mistakes.

There are many more reasons to hire a professional chimney sweep here in Spokane, WA than there are to ignore your chimney. If you need one, trust Licon Chimneys. Call (509) 535-0240 for more details.